Why Racism Isn’t Going Anywhere…

Simply put, it is the life-blood of this country. It pumps through our veins continuously like water flowing through a stream. It is a stench that will continue to stick to the very fabric of our society and linger in the air much like the aromatics of a popular semi-prohibited substance. It’s amazing because many feel as if racism is a thing of the past and are appalled when it shows up in the board room, classroom, or better yet on their front door. Some believe that it disappeared with the passing of the Civil Rights Act of 1965 and that we have somehow atoned for the centuries of murder, theft, and hate of others.

Well that couldn’t be further from the truth. We are just now starting to peel back the layers of racism if you ask me. Layers so thick you can’t cut them with a knife. What’s more is the obvious denial displayed by so many who don’t even realize their own victimization. So why isn’t racism going anywhere? Well first there’s racisms ugly a–cousin, classism, and she’s a much heavier chick to deal with. She perpetuates the social construct that we know as racism, and just when you think you’ve got her, she changes her stripes. She is unbiased and has no specific allegiance to one particular party. Her main objective is to ensure that capitalism reigns supreme, leaving the top 1-2% in power. You see capitalism thrives off of classism and the ability to profit off of wage-labor. In order to prevent the ‘have-not’s’ from moving up the ladder, obstacles must be created, developed, and maintained in order to prevent them from entering or remaining in the free-market. Because economies ebb and flow with different forms of government and political power, a constant must be present to maintain consistency. What better tool than racism to use to exploit the masses by lying to them and creating a narrative leading them to believe the plausibility of a better than/less than theory?

If I tell you that everything in this world belongs to you because of your genetic make-up and appealing skin-tone and that everyone who doesn’t look like you is inferior, are you going to think of them as deserving of anything? Perhaps some may, but the majority will turn their noses up in disgust wondering how or why those people have been allowed to even exist among them at all.  There is also the dynamic of envy and jealousy that come into play when you consider why racism will never go anywhere. Think back to when you were in high school, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, with the whole world at your feet. Then there was college where one could realize their dreams. How many of us recall the orientation speech that told you to look to your left and your right and to remember that as half of you would not be there by graduation date? There are plenty of reasons for half of those people not being there, but some folks just couldn’t hack it. And, instead of realizing their potential at another institution or pursuing some other endeavor, they got stuck. Stuck at home, in a marriage with kids, living with parents, etc… Well, racists get stuck too. Again when you are under the notion that you are better than because…; not only do you set yourself up for failure, but you become disillusioned. Disillusioned with a society that despite its many privileges that have been bestowed upon you, you become complacent and expectant of things that you simply have not worked for nor attempted to earn. Where I’m from we call that ‘privilege’.

Privilege can and should be a wonderful thing, but much like faith, without works it is dead and really becomes a nuisance to those around it. How is it that you have been given a smorgasbord of opportunities deemed only for your group and still manage to have one of the highest percentages of welfare use and other government assistance despite propaganda tactics? Again, the answer is rooted in racism and its ideology. It’s no wonder that large sums of people turned out for a candidate, not that the other was that much better, which would go against your very interest and negatively impact your bottom line. Beyond rhetoric, the appeal was rooted in an ideology that not only gives you merit and power, but gives you an identity. Hell who wouldn’t want to identify with the top 1-2% that just so happen to look mostly European?

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