My “Aha” Moment: We Need To Change Our Mindset And Create A System

My goal for this post is simply to get people thinking about a solution to this massive problem of racial inequity and to put ideas into action regarding economic well-being for the AA community…

Have you ever had that moment in life where you feel as if you are the only one who actually gets what this life is all about? Hell I know I have, it seems as if lately no one understands anything anymore.  I legit feel as if we are running around this place like headless chickens. What gives? I mean I get it, many of us are still reeling from Election Day 2016 and at this point have spilled into experiencing bouts of PTSD, but for the love of me I just don’t get why we are seemingly stuck in this sunken place. There have been a lot of crimes perpetrated and committed against us as a unit that have resulted in continuous economic and political disparities, but we seem to be like sheep being led to the slaughter; there is no action or reaction for that matter!

 I was having a conversation with my friend earlier this morning and likened these current tragic times that have befallen black folk to that of farm animals. I know, just entertain me for a second. It is my opinion that black people in this country are akin to free-range animals (I know insulting but think about it). Despite having been at the forefront of most major innovations and building the very infrastructure of this country, what do we really have that solely belongs to us?  We have been given this illusionary freedom to go about and roam the fields and prairies as we please, grazing aimlessly, until one of us “gets out of line”, realizes that this “freedom” ain’t really free and then BOOM, off to the slaughter house or food manufacturing plant we go (i.e. modern day prisons) where we are assigned a number and await or inevitable demise. And if that doesn’t work then they poison your food or grain by pumping you full of pesticides and antibiotics (i.e. environmental racism and food deserts) to get rid of you, and that’s just one tactic they use to eliminate you from the gene pool. What I’m saying is simply this; attempting to try and make sense of this nation and where it’s headed is utterly insane, especially as a POC. Economically Black America is in dire straits. We have all of the resources to become an economic powerhouse, but seemingly can’t come together to create a system that will sustain us throughout this century and propel us into the 22nd century. So what are we lacking?

Divide and conquer has been very successful in keeping blacks from acquiring wealth and maintaining success for generations. Other vehicles such as institutionalization, racism, and other oppressive tactics have also contributed to the racial wealth gap in this country. Yet the question still remains, how can we channel all of our resources into political and economic capital that are solely for the advancement of Black America? Black Americans are seemingly the one minority group residing in the United States that has suffered major loss of both life and economic consequences that has continuously persisted throughout history. We have NEVER had a break.  There is no doubt that there is a permanent target on Black Americans to see us fail, and despite our many prevailing efforts that have avoided many of the obstacles and snares set before us, we continue to lag behind whites and other minority groups. Why? I’m certain there are multiple answers to this as this issue is a very complex one, but might I suggest one problem that I believe if addressed correctly can set us on the right course. Collectively, Black America seems to be severely fragmented in our mindset. This “mental fragmentation” has inevitably resulted in different approaches to a problem experienced by many. In the absence of a collective effort to “get on the same page” we continue to experience this syndrome where there are too many chiefs, but not enough Indians. Because of this, we have failed to identify or put a system in place that will work for us regardless where we reside in this country or even in the world. In order to overcome the complex situation we are in, we need a system that will provide us and our children and generations to come with the blueprint for economic growth, political capital, and overall success. It’s necessary for our survival, but again in order for us to get there we must have a collective shift in our mindset.

What are your thoughts on this issue? Do you think that the problem is mindset, getting on the same page, or something else?

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